Hello! Today I have been doing my math-homework and then we went to the sand downs to take team photos with the gymnastics! First it was with all the girls in team and all the boys in team and I think was there too. And after that we took a photo with all optionals (everyone on level 6 or higher). Optionals means that you can make up a routie for floor, bars, beam by you self for level 5 and under are there a special routine that you have to do. I´m on level 6 if you didn´t know. Then we took level photos, adn this year were only three girls on level 6. It´s Me, Kayley and Mckenna. 
Here is our photo:
hihi, I know I look weird and i´m like one head taller then both of them! actually I´m the tallest one in the intire team!! and i´m not long!! I´m 165cm that´s a sign how gymnasts are short!! 
I also got a rip yesterday at practice and it woulden´t stop bleeding (it can have to do with that I was keeping doing bars for half an hour :P) 
so this was the result of that! :) 

Postat av: Mamma

Blood, sweat and tears........

2013-09-22 @ 22:08:44
Postat av: Mormor

lilla vän,låt blåsorna läka innan du tränar just de momenten igen.Comfeelplåster är bra.Jättekram från syster Mormor
Morfar hälsar

Svar: hahaha.... nej jag kommer inte vila dom går över man kan ha "tejp-skydd" över :)

2013-09-26 @ 20:04:32

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