It´s over!

Okay so i know i have been bad at updating especially the last months. Well now I'm back home in Sweden again. Right now it´s 7:30 am and I'm sitting in my bed and writing. I am just gonna go through the last couple of days so.....(and the reson why I'm writing in englis is because my brain is still thinking in english so it just goes faster when i dont have to translate everything first.)

On monday morning we had our first somber practice at gym. which also was my last practice. So I woke up and when to practice at 9am to 1pm. After that we went home and i went over my packing again and made sure to clean out all the last things and pack the last. I still had a hard time believing that it actually had already been 11 months sense i left Sweden and that it was gonna be over in in just one day.

I woke up at 3.30am to get up and get dressed and head to the airport. My host mom and all three of my host sisters came with me to say goodbye. We got to the airport about 4:15am and figured out that one of my big bags were 10 lb overweight and an overweight bag would cost me 200 dollars + 100 dollar for having an extra bag. so we decided to go to walmarkt to get an extra bag so we only had to pay 100 dollar for one more extra bag instead of 200 for 10lb. so we went to walmark got a little carry-on sized bag and repacked on the airport around 5am in the morning. it then ended up costing the same as an overweight bag but we didn't know that before so we ended up having to pay 300 dollars for the bags anyway. So now 3 bags were checked in and we went away and sat in the airport (you guys that have been to idaho falls airport know its tinny) and so we sat in some chair there and started crying because we realized that i had to leave in just a little bit. i cried and hugged everybody goodbye and went through security and up to my gate. I have my first flight 6am from idaho falls; ID to Denver; CO that flight was about 1,5h long and i didn't really do anything on the plane except listening to an audio book on my phone.

When i arrived to Denver i was thinking i was gonna have breakfast be four the next flight which were from Denver; CO to Newark; NJ but i ended up not having time for that just went to the next gate and bordered the plane. This next flight was 3h 45min i got some tea and orange juice and called that my breakfast. I was having a window seat on all flights. I arrived to Newark and now it was around 2pm and my next flight to Stockholm didn't leave until 5:20pm so now i had plenty of time to get some breakfast and so i went and got my self a smoothie and a banana nut bread muffins. (which i only ate like two bites of). I went to my gate and sat there for a while, went to the bath room with all bags (carry-on suitcase and backpack), walked around looking in a store and got a movie to watch on the flight. I went to starbucks an got a chai latte and then went back to the gate. I waited for a while and then bordered the plane.

Here on the plane I relized what was happening, I was levying America, my exchange year was over, i had left all my friends and family and didn't know when we're gonna meet again. So i kind of has a little melt down by my self sitting crying on the plane before we departed. This flight was 8h 45min and we were gonna get dinner and a snack on board. I started ta watch disneys cars on the little screen in the seat in front and the dinner came which actually was really good. We got new drinks every now and then and about an hour before landing we go a hot croasiat *which i can't spell* and some coffee of tea and a little fruit salad.

We landed and i went to wait for my bags and they came and I went our a little nervous to see my family again after a year or 11 months. I got out and there my mom and dad was standing waiting for me. We hugged and wen out to the car. We went home and i actually unpacked as fast as i got home. Oh yeah my plane landed at 7:40 swedish time so now it was around 9 almost 10am. My dad went to work and my brother that i still haven't seen was also at work already.
My mom didn't have work yesterday or today so we went to the store and got some food and got home and i made some no bake cookies like my sister Madie makes a lot. I They kid of failed, like they taste good but they won't dry so you have to use a spoon to eat them.
In the afternoon two of my friends came over Liv and Maria. We talked and played ticket to ride a bord game I got for christmas. It was fun. Me and my mom went out on a walk in the evening after they went home. we ate some dinner and at 9pm i went to bed after i had been wake for about 35 hours straight with no naps at all.

I now woke up an hour ago (it's now 8:15) and I slept 10h but still feel kind of tired but not like sleeping just tired in my head.

Today me and my mom is gonna make a cake to bring because tonight were all leaving to my grandma and grandpa's summer house to celebrate midsummer. so now I'm gonna do some conditioning and then go take a shower!

so long people have a nice life! I don't know if I'm gonna write anymore on the blogg or not so see ya!!

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