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I am gonna write this post in English because I want my american friends and family to be able to read and understand this. Today is the 1st of advent that is a christian celabration we do in Sweden. Simpally it is a tradition we have the 4 sundays i december before christmas. When we celebrate this we light a candle every sunday and normally have an "advents-fika" witch means that we sit down with the family and eat "lussebullar" and ginger-snaps and drink "glögg" or "saft" and coffee. This is a cozy tradition I think and i´m gonna try to bring this tradition to my host family! :D I am not gonna force them but i´m gonna show them wat it is and let them know that it is something I do. And also sence was at IKEA yesturday I have "glögg" and gingersnaps :D 
This is a video I found on youtube about advent :)  my family back home is not very religious so i´m don´t we don´t have pink, purple and white candles or read scriptures or are saying prays every advent but we still celebrate it in our own way :D  

Postat av: mormor

härligt med advent och alla ljusen!som vanligt exploderar det av ljusslingor och stjärnor i alla fönster här hemma.Bakade pepparkakor i söndags,same prusedure as every year!<ingen snö än men på fredag kommer den enligt SMHI/kram från oss

Svar: Ja, vi har snö var typ storm i måndags och ingen ström i två timmar på morgonen och sen idag var det strömavbrott från 5 på morgonen till ca.12 och -18°C så det var ingen skola :D

2013-12-04 @ 10:58:31

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